Monday, July 28, 2014

Jeremy asf

A woman dropped a scarf.

Now I have a scarf.

My girlfriend is the prom queen

of homecoming and looks better than the bitch who 


the party.

I’m realizing trees and flowers and mushrooms

are basically umbrellas for birds and worms.

Blood rushes to my head.

I die, I die. I live, I live. Anything

without an end

is probably not

a thing

at all.

No one is asking you to be real.

Those people who think

, “Do you know what I mean,” is a period - die.

I missed my bus Because of kfc.

Hot damn I’m really growing up

I eat tomatoes now. Talent

is just a fashionable synonym for

being really repetitive


remember when I said, “Okay”?

Remember when I said, “Okay

, I won’t let homeless people smell you

, I promise”? On page

22 it is written quite clearly - “This is my people shooting hat.”

I glanced up in a lecture hall.

I’m the kind of person who will stomp on flaming dog shit

just so I can wipe it on your doormat. Before I forget

I wanted to say that I saw the number 27

dancing at the bottom of a Powerpoint slide, which had

a picture of jolly looking

men in tall boots. There is a chain of pizza

places here called Hell. I have a hard time turning on

my heater here.


think I fill my poems with too many compliants

and pronouns. I probably won’t

change those things though. 

I hurt my fucking shit: a short poem.

Within me there is no marketplace

no mask. There are swans on the sidewalk.

A guy sped

past our bus to Rotorua

and waved out his window

with a beer in his hand.  Drunk, juggling a soccer

ball 41 times with Zach Carson.

I fell asleep on the shore

of myth. Power is unnecessary here

where I have stood naked amongst men,

been offered gifts and song,

written home,

and rewritten myself.

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A Place Like This - Majid Jordan

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Mike Bushnell reading poetry

Get pumped.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer ‘14.


@chazfrenchhh new track “YNN” check it out on @complexmag !! #Gallery187


@chazfrenchhh new track “YNN” check it out on @complexmag !! #Gallery187

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

This is soccer

At least I think it is. A small
Part of me is
Annoyed that the loose gravel
Sign wouldn’t fit in the trunk. I
Remembered I fasted
For a whole day last summer in
Honor or Ramadan but
I drank water
Which I found out you aren’t supposed
To do so…


Declan? & Huzzah - On ice (Official video)

we so icy this summer dawg. like mr freeze and a polar bear in Antarctica sippin on milkshake

shouts to my dawg declan? rockin that world tourture tee by theblacktongue

real ones be knowin.  


Video edited by TRASHCANMARCO
Twitter handles: @declancantrap @huzz4h

Sunday, June 29, 2014


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14 TED talks in 3 minutes

amazing what the human spirit can accommplish

I learned more in these 14 talks than I did in drivers ed! Hahahaha I’m in a tree, is this how cars work?